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About "Women on the Map"

The names of Jewish settlements in Israel tell the history of the country and the changes that have taken place in its landscape and inhabitants.


In addition to names connected with a geographic region, there are historical names, names which originated in Jewish sources, in idioms, names from fauna and flora, names linked with defense and building the country, local names that were given Hebrew meanings, and names of personalities connected with the history of Zionism: national leaders, Jewish and Israeli heroes, pioneers, philanthropists.


Commemorating a person by naming a settlement or a site after him/her is a rare privilege, a sign of the nation's gratitude. Thus it is unfortunate that out of the total settlements 320 named after individuals, less than thirty are named for women.

This site aims to fill in missing knowledge, to bring the story of women's deeds to  public awareness, to "put women on the map". While raising awareness of the past contributions of women to building the country, we hope to encourage the naming of settlements, sites, streets after women in future.


This site is a forum open to everyone interested, and a permanent, updated host for additional knowledge about women who are worthy of commemoration. In the future the site will be expanded to include links to other sites connected with women. The site will be helpful to all those involved in decision-making in municipal and national naming committees.


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